How do I compare two simulation files?

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Ali AlMuslih
Ali AlMuslih2022-11-20
回答: William Rose ,2022-11-21
I have two files, each file contains one simulation, and each simulation contains 5 output results. I want to compare them in one plot for each result.
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William Rose
William Rose 2022-11-20
@Ali AlMuslih, load both files and plot all 10 results on one plot, with different colors and line types. If the 5 results in file 1 and the five results in file 2 are "pairs" in some sense, then you might want to use the same 5 colors twice, but use solid lines for the file 1 results, and dashed lines for the file 2 results.


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William Rose
William Rose 2022-11-21
Here is an example of what I mean. I am attaching two files of simulated data, with 5 records , plus a column for time, in each file.
t1=data1(:,1); %time column from file 1
x1=data1(:,2:6); %5 columns of results from file 1
t2=data2(:,1); %time column from file 2
x2=data2(:,2:6); %5 columns of results from file 2
%Plot data
grid on; hold on;
Try it.


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