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Suppose I have a scatter of points and have used scatteredInterpolant to get an interpolant F.
Now, I want to add one more point to my scatter and update my interpolant F. Is simply calling scatteredInterpolant the fastest way or is there a way to update F in a more efficient way? It seems like a waste of time to reconstruct the interpolant from scratch given that I only want to add one more point.
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Srivardhan 2023-6-1
Hi Tintin,
As per my understanding, you would like to add the points to existing Interpolant without creating a new Interpolant using “scatteredinterpolant” function.
Interpolant has two properties called Points and Values. Points is a vector contains the coordinates of sample points, and Values is also a vector that contains the sample values associated with Points vector coordinates. By using Points and Values vectors, you can add points to the existing Interpolant .
Here is the code to add the points to existing Interpolant, you can check:
X = randi([-10,10],10,1);
Y = randi([-10,10],10,1);
Z = X + Y;
F = scatteredInterpolant(X,Y,Z)
F.Values(end+1) = 4
F.Points(end+1,:) = [2,2];
For further reference, please check the following link to know more about “scatteredinterpolant” function.
I hope this resolves the issue you were facing.

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