Use repmat() without increasing sample time in Simulink

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I am using Matlab function block to repeat my message 2 times. e.g u = [0 1 1 0]. Every bit has sample has time 5e-5s and the frame duration is 5e-5 * 4 = 20e-5s.
%u = [4X1]. %rep = [8X1] %repeat u 2 times in 1st dimension The code is:
rep = repmat(u,2,1);
Now, the problem is that when I use this function I get the correct repeated sequence, the output sample time is halved, i.e. Tb (bit sample time) = 2.5e-5s and Tf (frame duration) = 2.5*8 = 20e-5.
What I want is that the bit sample time should not change after the repmat operation, i.e. it should remain 5e-5s, and the frame duration changes according to reptition factor. e.g if the frame is repeated 2 times the frame duration is also doubled.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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