Delay with Show Enable Port not working as expected

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I just noticed that previous models I had built using the Unit Delay Enabled block were still simulating without error but the help page on this block now says "Obsolete" (as of 2016b). So I created a test model for the suggested replacement which is a standard delay element with "Show enable port" option checked. It does not work as expected (see sim). Can anyone explain the way it behaves? It would seem problematic to obsolete a block without an exactly equivalent one (unless you build your own replacement which is where I'm leaning now).
My sim uses 3 designs for an enabled register. 1) build-your-own: a delay element without an enable port is used with a switch at the input, 2) 'Unit Delay Enabled' (now obsolete), 3) standard delay block with enable port option.
Here is the output:
clk din en dout_1 dout_2 dout_3
0 1 0 0 0 0
1 2 0 0 0 0
2 3 1 0 0 0
3 4 0 3 3 0
4 5 1 3 3 3
5 6 0 5 5 3
6 7 1 5 5 5
7 8 0 7 7 5
8 9 1 7 7 7
9 10 1 9 9 9
10 11 1 10 10 10
Notice that designs 1 and 2 act identically but design 3 is late at the output when an enabled input causes a change in value, but only if it can be late - i.e. if there is no enable on the next clock bringing in another value. So on clk = 4, the value 3 comes out 2 clocks later because there is no enable on the clock after the input value 3, but the value 9 comes out at the expected time (clk = 9) because there is an enable on the next clock.
This seems pretty strange to me.
Note for reference, here is my command to instantiate a Unit Delay Enabled block:
add_block('simulink/Additional Math & Discrete/Additional Discrete/Unit Delay Enabled', [sys '/' er],'Position', pos);
Thanks, Dara
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Ludo Visser
Ludo Visser 2018-8-6
Just to add to this: it's not only in HDL coder that this causes issues. Also in a "regular" Simulink model the behavior is like described. Coincidentally, it can also be solved in "regular" models by putting the delay block in a Synchronous subsystem, which is probably only available if you have the HDL coder toolbox to begin with...


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Dara Parsavand
Dara Parsavand 2018-8-6
Ian Winter wrote:
Is there any way to get back the old block?
The block is back as of 2017b (at least in the HDL Coder blockset - it's called Unit Delay Enabled Synchronous) - I use it often.
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Ludo Visser
Ludo Visser 2018-8-7
If you look under the mask of the Unit Delay Enabled Synchronous, you'll find a regular delay block with enable port and a state control block set to synchronous, like Kiran Kintali was suggesting. I hope it makes it way back to the regular Simulink toolbox also...!


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