How do I get started with Simulink model for PARROT minidrone?

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MathWorks Support Team
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2018-1-22
The Quadcopter Project shipped in Aerospace Blockset is a 'ready to sim, build, and fly' example that helps you get started using the Simulink Support Package for PARROT Minidrones.
Use the following command to open the example:
In R2017a
Please follow instructions in the following report to update the example in R2017a:
Then, open the example by entering the following command in MATLAB:
>> asbQuadcopterStart
In R2017b
Enter the following command in MATLAB:
>> asbQuadcopterStart
You can also enter the following command on MATLAB to open the getting started model shipped with the Support Package:
>> parrot_gettingstarted

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