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How can I save images in a loop?

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Hi.. I'm working on a project that can crop individual lines from a document image. So far, I have achieved the cropping but I can't write a code that can save the cropped and remaining lines' images in every loop. Can anyone help? Below is the code I'm using:
function [fl re]=lines(im_texto)
% Divide text in lines
% im_texto->input image; fl->first line; re->remain line
for s=1:num_filas
if sum(im_texto(s,:))==0
nm=im_texto(1:s-1, :); % First line matrix
rm=im_texto(s:end, :);% Remain line matrix
fl = clip(nm);
%*-*-*Uncomment lines below to see the result*-*-*-*-
% subplot(2,1,1);imshow(fl);
% subplot(2,1,2);imshow(re);
fl=im_texto;%Only one line.
re=[ ];
function img_out=clip(img_in)
[f c]=find(img_in);
img_out=img_in(min(f):max(f),min(c):max(c));%Crops image


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Apr 2012
print() or saveas() or use the File Exchange contribution export_fig .
For information about how to change the file name each iteration see

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Aliyu Abdu
Aliyu Abdu on 20 Apr 2012
That was quite helpful. Thank you.

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