I want to draw an arrow in vector.

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Muhendisleksi 2017-10-9
回答: Matevz Lavtar ,2020-11-14
Q = [0,977 -0,016
-0,016 0,176];
p1 = [0.977 -0.016]; %Coordinate of the first point
p2 =[-0.016 0.176]; % Coordinate of the second point
The start and end points of the arrow are as above. How can I draw a vector arrow with these points?

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Matevz Lavtar
Matevz Lavtar 2020-11-14
I have the same problem, so I make a function that solve this problem I think.
Example what can you do with it:
Hope it helps you

Jan 2017-10-9
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Jan 2017-10-9
编辑:Jan 2017-10-9
If you explain exactly, what you want, it is possible for the readers to give any specific suggestions. The information, that the dozens of existing implementations do not satisfy your needs, does not allow for further help.


Star Strider
Star Strider 2017-10-9
编辑:Star Strider 2017-10-9
One option is the quiver plot:
Q = [0.977 -0.016
-0.016 0.176];
QX = Q(:,1); % Isolate Line ‘x’ Coordinates
QY = Q(:,2); % Isolate Line ‘y’ Coordinates
[~,UV] = gradient(Q); % Generate Gradient
UVX = [UV(1,1); 0]; % Define Quiver Arrow ‘x’
UVY = [UV(1,2); 0]; % Define Quiver Arrow ‘y’
% plot(QX, QY, '-r', 'LineWidth',1.2) % Plot Line (Optional)
hold on
quiver(QX, QY, UVX, UVY, 0)
hold off
axis([-0.15 1.1 -0.15 0.2])
axis equal
EDIT Added axis calls to the plot.

Martin Meiringer
Martin Meiringer 2017-12-12
Is there a reason why this functionality is still not built in? Using file exchange functions is always a bit difficult if you are sharing your work with colleagues. so please, Mathworks do a arrow / arrow3 function!!!

MrKnudsen 2020-4-29
I think this hack might be useful:
hold on; grid on;
a1 = 1j+1;
a2 = -1;
a3 = -1j;
a4 = 0.5 -0.5j;


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