HDL code generation error.

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ketan zamre
ketan zamre2017-12-20
评论: ketan zamre ,2017-12-21
Designed simulink model, in which we are getting live video stream from 'From video devices' block followed by enabled subsystem block which is triggered from AND gate and getting result on Video Display block accordingly, but not able to generate HDL code. It shows an error: Enable, Trigger, and Reset Ports are not supported in the top level system for HDL code generation.

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer 2017-12-20
You can place your enabled subsystem inside another subsystem. This should allow you to generate DHL code for the design.
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ketan zamre
ketan zamre 2017-12-21
One more error in addition to this: For block enabled subsystem, Matrices are not supported at Simulink block interface.



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