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How can I read .edf.event file since I have corresponded .edf file in MATLAB?

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ibrahim guler
ibrahim guler on 3 Jan 2018
Commented: ehsan rastgar on 21 Sep 2018
In order to read the .edf files, I need a function to do that which available in MATHWORKS (edfread(path)). But I across with a new type of file named as a .edf.event file which gives information about the corresponded .edf file. But the problem is how can I read it?


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ehsan rastgar
ehsan rastgar on 16 Sep 2018
Hi dear ibrahim guler I had this problem and wrote my own code and use edfread I upload my code here and Hope to help you # how use it % example :
[filename,pathname] = uigetfile({'*.*';'*.edf'},'Pick edf File');
[hdr, record] = edfread([pathname,filename]);
[Task_label,Time_duration,Task_sym,strArray] =Eventread(pathname,filename);


khatere darvish
khatere darvish on 18 Sep 2018
Hello dear ehsan I have same problem and used from your code but it dosn't work with this error: Error using fread Invalid size.
Error in edfRead (line 175) tmpdata(recnum).data{ii} = fread(fid,hdr.samples(ii),'int16') * scalefac(ii) + dc(ii); can you help me about that?
ehsan rastgar
ehsan rastgar on 21 Sep 2018
hi dear khatere. you can get it from this link
ehsan rastgar
ehsan rastgar on 21 Sep 2018
for using this code you should have both files of *.edf and *.edf.event in same direction and same name/ and just select *.edf file/

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