~= means?

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Superb 2012-5-11
~= means what? Is that means not equal to? Or it can have other meaning too? Thanks :)
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Evelyn 2023-3-10
编辑:Walter Roberson 2023-6-5
Yes, "~=" commonly means "not equal to" in many programming languages and mathematical notation. It is often used to compare two values or variables to see if they are not equal [SL: removed URL that was unrelated to the question].However, the exact meaning of "~=" may vary depending on the context and programming language.



Wayne King
Wayne King 2012-5-11
It means not equal to as you say. It doesn't have any other meaning in MATLAB. The ~ by itself has meaning. It can be used to not return certain outputs from a function.
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Burkhard Blaich
Burkhard Blaich 2021-11-4


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Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid 2023-3-10
means values that are not equal to the mean, and this command usually comes after if


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