Compiling standalone does not work with linprog (optimization toolbox)

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I've developed some code (Matlab R2018b) that uses linprog from optimization toolbox that works properly in MATLAB, but if I try to generate standalone application, the .exe file generates the following error (i used two compilers with the same result):
Error using linprog (line 346)
LINPROG has stopped because it encountered an internal error. We are sorry for t
he inconvenience.
Please contact technical support for assistance with your problem, quoting the c
ode "-1000@-1000".
Any idea about how to address this issue?
Thanks in advance
Best Regards
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Derya 2019-1-22
Hello Francisco,
I wonder whether you have an issue with paths or missing libraries. The specific error code you mention may indicate that a library call is failing.
If you could please share a small reproduction example including the steps you followed to generate the executable.
Kind Regards,
Francisco Rodero
Francisco Rodero 2019-1-23
Hello again,
I finally discovered what's the problem. McAfee antivirus blocks the execution of files in Temp folder. I just added a rule to allow that for my .exe file and it works.
Thank you anyway.


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