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Solve a system of odes where equations are derived from a separate code (not directly given) using syms function

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Yogeshwari Chandrawat
Yogeshwari Chandrawat on 9 May 2019
Answered: Stephan on 10 May 2019
Hi i have to solve a system of 10 differential equations, however the equations are not directly given to me.
I have to derive the equations with the help of a separate code (basically enegy balance across 10 adjacent layers). I have used syms function to initially define all the temperatures as a function of time and then written their respective equations such that the result of this code helps me to identify my equations (such that dT1/dt = f(T1,T2,T3----T1(1),T1(2), in other words when i display my equations, the derivative of temperature wrt to time is a function of temperatures of the layers and also temperature of the particular layer at a particular time)
Now I would like to know how to use solve these equations simultaneously . What solver to use, I tried using ode45, but am not able to call the variable appropriately such that it suits the format.

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Torsten on 10 May 2019
Then you will have to adjust your format that it fits the input expected by ode45.
Since we don't see the code that generates your differential equations, we can't help you in this respect.

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