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extracting number from a string

Asked by amin mirzaei on 2 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by amin mirzaei on 2 Aug 2019
How can I extract the number from the string with out regexp?
example: I am 19 and my brother is 14 years old


on 2 Aug 2019
Why don't you want to use regexp? Should the code support decimal values as well? Numbers in the form of 1E5? Also, is this homework?
it's part of homework

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1 Answer

Answer by Rik
on 2 Aug 2019

You can either use ismember to determine which positions contain the characters you're looking for, or you can use isstrprop. Then you can loop over the groups of digits. You can use find and diff to determine the positions where such a group starts. If you need to support decimal values as well things will get slightly more complicated.
I will not provide a complete working solution because this is homework. You can find guidelines for posting homework on this forum here.
You should also be aware that the string data type is something different from a char array.

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thank you

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