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Creating an associated value for an array based upon its position in another matrix

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What I am trying to do is associate the y1 value with an SSP(:,2) value depending upon its relationship to SSP(:,1) 's depth.
y1i = 0:-1:-200 ; %a list of depths
SSP(:,1) = 0:-5:-200 ; %is a list of depths, referred to 'depths' below.
depths = SSP(:,1) ;
SSP(:,2) = linspace(1500,1480,41) ; %is a list of speeds, reffered to 'c' below.
c = SSP(:,2) ;
j = numel(depths) ;
k = numel(y1i) ;
for m = 1:k ;
for n = 1:(j-1) ;
y1i(m) <= depths(n) & y1i(m) > depths(n+1) ;
c1(m) = c(n) ;
I will be grateful for any advice that is given.
Thank you


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Accepted Answer

Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta on 6 Dec 2019
I think the command below should be a conditional statement something like if .
y1i(m) <= depths(n) & y1i(m) > depths(n+1) ;
Also, I see c1 in the code is not initialized. Since it is changing size every iteration if it is not declared. Although this is not the error you might be facing but it is good practice to initialize the array beforehand.

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William Dickie
William Dickie on 9 Dec 2019
Hi, you are right, it needed the 'if' command.
I also, had to separate the <= for some reason, it kept registering as an error.
Thank you for your assistance.

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