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SIL using model reference

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ModelReference in SIL Mode
I want to understand the difference between thsese two 'code interface' options.
What difference it makes in each(Model Reference, Top Model) of the option shown and what is recommended option for perticular application?
I have gone through the 'Help' literature but it did not elaborate in detail which I need.
Can anyone help?


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Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 14 Feb 2020
I thought the document was clear.
To deploy the generated code as part of a larger application that uses the referenced model, specify Model reference. To deploy the generated code as a standalone application, specify Top model.


Swanand Pisat
Swanand Pisat on 17 Feb 2020
My question further to this is then
what difference does it make in the code generation? because i see even the code generation folder changes, colde generation file changes. why so much difference?
Little more elaboration is needed.
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 17 Feb 2020
It mostly involves shared files such as header files and data files. If you have a top level model and one or more referenced models, certain header files don't need to be generated for every model. They can be put in a shared folder. But if one of the referenced models is intended to be used somewhere elase separately and alone, all those header files need to be generated.
There is a use case where a top level model includes many referenced models and has been proved out. The user might want to generate code for all the referenced models in one shot and all the referenced models are intended to be used separately. That is when "Top model" is selected. Otherwise, if you just want to be able to run your whole model simulation in SIL mode, use "Model reference".

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