Parrot Minidrone - stable flight

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I am using the yaw pitch roll configuration and I want to achieve stable flight. So I want to use the optical flow values in the x and y direction to achieve this as my drone keeps drifting. I think it works when i put feedback loops in for the roll direction. But when i use pitch, the drone in the simulation just flips out? What am i doing wrong or how else can keep my drone aligned to the track or the arena around it?


Pranav Murali
Pranav Murali 2020-3-19
Hi Keith,
It’s a nice idea to use the optical flow values for a good, controlled flight. Here’s a couple of things you can try:
  1. Tuning the PID controller of the pitch with different coefficients.
  2. Process the values x and y of optical flow and provide feedback to the roll axis alone during position control. The pitch can be controlled during orientation control.
For a better understanding of the position and orientation control refer this:
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Débora Oliveira
Débora Oliveira 2021-1-24
编辑:Débora Oliveira 2021-1-24
That's a great idea Pranav.
I would recommend updating the optical flow computation. The last version I used was the 20a, but as for the release page, no consideration was done to the model in the newest version.
The equations represented in the block diagram is a partial approximation of the Lucas-Kanade method. I plotted the output signals and saw an oscillation on the velocity estimation value at axis Y. There may be a signal mistype at the term of angular axis X velocity.
I replaced with the optical flow equations of the Horn-Schunck method and got a much more stable drone in the simulation.


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