The output value of discrete PID controller is NaN

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I'm trying to control motors with pwm signals.
when I clicked monitor & tune button, I found some outputs of discrete PID controller block is NaN. It is stated below.
Other input from same bus, yawspeed, generate normal value, however, pitch and roll angles have nan value.
I first thought that the problem is from the difference of data type.. so I checked data types of all inputs and outputs and there are no problems with data types.
Is there anyone who know why the nan value is generated?
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lim daehee
lim daehee 2020-5-19
Nope, I monitored all values including input of PID blocks, however, they are all not inf or nan and it ranges from -0.02~0.02
The output saturation is limited from -0.1~0.1.
Additionally, I changed inputs(pitch_angle, roll_angle)into constant block with a constant value and the model works fine.
However, when inputs are from uORB block, the output of PID block has nan valeu.


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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose 2021-9-28
Answered the same question here
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Jonas 2020-5-19
Check the block 'Rotation Order: ZYX'. Does it work properly?
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lim daehee
lim daehee 2020-5-19
编辑:lim daehee 2020-5-19
I changed pid controller into p controller and it works fine. So I think rotation order worked well. Also, I think d and i controller is the problem, but I don't know why d and i gain caused the problem.


Kunal Lad
Kunal Lad 2020-7-31
Hey Lim Daehee,
Did you find the solution to this problem as I am facing it too. Share up if possible.


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