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How to edit colors for the line?

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The legend line corlor is wrong. How do I change the black to green for the measured one?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Aug 2020
We do not know exactly what PlotCone does, but we can predict from the observed behavior that it is creating more than one line() object when it is invoked.
If it can return the line handles, then use
h1 = PlotCone([2000,100,780,50,'k');
h2 = PlotCone(height, Thickness, InnerTopDia, InnerBotDia, [0 0.6 0]);
legend([h1(1), h2(1)], {'Spec', 'Measure'});


Yingyi Huang
Yingyi Huang on 5 Aug 2020
Itis giving an error says Invalid expression. When calling a function or indexing a variable, use parentheses. Otherwise, check for mismatched delimiters.
I also tried this:
h1 = PlotCone(2000,100,780,50,'black');
h2 = PlotCone(1916,90.6,796.7,88.8,[0 0.6 0]);
And there is another error appears says
error using PlotCone
Too many output arguments.
But the number of the arguments of the function is correct.function
This is my function:
PlotCone(height, thickness, top_dia, bot_dia, color)
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Aug 2020
ax = gca;
ch0 = get(ax,'Children');
ch1 = get(ax,'Children');
hold(ax, 'on');
PlotCone(1916,90.6,796.7,88.8,[0 0.6 0]);
ch2 = get(ax, 'Children')
hold(ax, 'off');
pc1_obj = setdiff(ch1, ch0);
pc2_obj = setdiff(ch2, ch1);
pc1_line = findobj(pc1_obj, 'type', 'line');
if isempty(pc1_line)
pc1_line = pc1_obj(1);
pc1_line = pc1_line(1);
pc2_line = findobj(pc2_obj, 'type', 'line');
if isempty(pc2_line)
pc2_line = pc2_obj(1);
pc2_line = pc2_line(1);
legend([pc1_line, pc2_line], {'Spec','Measure'})
Because we as outside observers who do not have access to the source code for PlotCone even though we asked for it, do not know what kind of objects PlotCone generates, we have to take the set difference between the axes objects before and after the PlotCone call, to isolate the objects created by PlotCone. Then we have to try to find a line object among that in order to have something to hang the legend on. If we are unable to find a line object, we return the first of the objects that we did find.
Yingyi Huang
Yingyi Huang on 6 Aug 2020
OMG, Thank you so much! Really appreciate your code! It is working now!

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