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About the install and configuration GPU for matlab 2020a

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Haifeng on 6 Aug 2020
Commented: Haifeng on 6 Aug 2020
Now i am using the Matlab 2020a.
And I have a GPU Nvidia Tesla V100.
I want to know how to install and config the environment for Matlab 2020a
Thank you very much


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Aug 2020
Use that to download the appropriate driver for your system.
You can download the latest driver that NVIDIA has available, for any of NVIDIA's GPU cards, except that at some point NVIDIA stops supporting a generation of systems, and then you cannot use a driver newer than the last one that supported your architecture. For example the newest drivers do not support Fermi architecture, if I recall correctly.
Note: if you happen to be using Mac, then there is no Tesla V100 driver available for any Mac OS, and probably never will be.
To do most GPU work, you do not need to download the CUDA development kit. However, you do need that kit to create custom GPU kernels, such as with the GPU Coder product. It usually does not hurt to install the kit, but you do not need it for simple gpuArray() operations for example.


Haifeng on 6 Aug 2020
Thank you very much.
Do you mean when i install appropriate driver, I don't need to do any other configuration, the code can execute on GPU?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Aug 2020
Correct. You might need to restart MATLAB after installing the NVIDIA driver (you might need to restart your computer after installing the driver), but after that you can go ahead and use gpuArray() and related functions. There is no configuration needed beyond that, in most cases.
(Further configuration might be requried in the case that you have multiple GPUs and want to allocate them inside parallel workers.)

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