Wave Recorder for IOS Devices

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Sarah Mahmood
Sarah Mahmood 2013-1-18
I'm an MSc. Student and I'm building an interactive information system using Iphone and MATLAB, can any one advise me a program for Iphone (preferred to work wirelessly) that can record voice in wave format so that it can be processed by MATLAB and I'll be so thankful to you in advance

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 2013-1-18
Quickly googling for "iPhone recording wave format" brought up a multitude of apps in the app store that allow you to record sound in wave format.
Each one seemed to have it's own set of features and abilities to get the recording off the device in a variety of ways.
There were also a number of discussion forums focusing on how to do this at the code level, as well, if you are attempting to write your own app.


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