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How to Use createEnumeration with externally defined enumeration data type?

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Mahmoud Hassanien
Mahmoud Hassanien on 12 Mar 2021
Commented: Thomas Jensen on 15 Apr 2021 at 17:28
I have an AUTOSAR SWC and I have an interface with enumeration data type; ModeRequest. I want the generated ARXML to use this enumeration as a data type but not with the default path of the SWC. On the integration level of the whole SW, there is a compu method called CM_ModeRequest. and it's at path /DataTypes/CompuMethod. I want my SWC to use this compumethod and to refer to /DataTypes/ModeRequest for the data type.
my enumeration name is: ModeRequest
The compu method used for this type is CompuMethod
The path I want to refere to (external) is /DataTypes
I tried to use the function createEnumeration
dataObj = autosar.api.getAUTOSARProperties('MySWC');
Also I tried
dataObj = autosar.api.getAUTOSARProperties('MySWC');
but I get an error The specified qualified path "/DataTypes" is not a valid
ImplementationDataType path. To create Simulink Enumeration, provide a
valid path.
I also tried
dataObj = autosar.api.getAUTOSARProperties('FSM');
but I get the error The AUTOSAR element does not exist at
I don't know what to do to refer to this externally defined data type
Thanks in advance
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Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen on 15 Apr 2021 at 17:28
Hi Mahmoud,
Have you tried to create an ARXML file with the definition of the enumeration and import it as it described in
I have never tried to do it, but I this that might work.
Best regards,

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