Things Stack (TTN v3) howto write lorawan message information to ThingSpeak stream

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See my post here for more info: <> .In the payload formatter I cannot access information like SNR (signal to noise ratio) of a lorawan message. But this information is definitely available in the Things Stack. So how do I get this data into a ThingSpeak channel for recording?


Christopher Stapels
Right now that data is not available directly from the ThingSpeak integration. We will consider it an enhancement request, thank you for the feedback. I would start by forwarding the packet that you get at TTN to a webhook reader. ( Ive used this site). Then find the key parts in the TTN packet, and write your payload formatter to translate the SNR information into the field data that you send to ThingSpeak. I'm not sure the payload formatter has access to the SNR parts of the packet though, I think it only applies to the payload section. The new TTN is pretty flexible though, so there may be a way. Good luck, please let us know if you get it worked out.
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Bryn Jones
Bryn Jones 2021-10-27
Is there any update to this? Having access to the metadata in addition to the payload would be a very useful feature.


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