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Changing function handle within a MATLAB Function block in Simulink (Coder error)
Variable which holds the function handle has to be compile time constant. In this case the function handle variable is 'func'. F...

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Calculating the directional and magnitude frequency of wind at specific angles
find isn't going to work on a table, but it will work on the contents of a table. So in this case you can write: W_WND_IDX = fi...

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When I use codegen, I get an error: Unable to delete elements from this array because dimension 2 has fixed size
You can modify and write your entry point function in this way: function label = mypredictCL(X) mdl = loadLearnerForCoder('Cla...

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simulation of electric arc furnace as a nonlinear three phase load
This error typically occurs when you write a function definition in command window. Write this function in a MATLAB file.

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