Model and simulate vehicle dynamics in a virtual 3D environment

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ provides fully assembled reference application models that simulate driving maneuvers in a 3D environment. You can use the prebuilt scenes to visualize roads, traffic signs, trees, buildings, and other objects around the vehicle. You can customize the reference models by using your own data or by replacing a subsystem with your own model. The blockset includes a library of components for modeling propulsion, steering, suspension, vehicle bodies, brakes, and tires.

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset provides a standard model architecture that can be used throughout the development process. It supports ride and handling analyses, chassis controls development, software integration testing, and hardware-in-the-loop testing. By integrating vehicle dynamics models with a 3D environment, you can test ADAS and automated driving perception, planning, and control software. These models let you test your vehicle with standard driving maneuvers such as a double lane change or with your own custom scenarios.


Full Vehicle Simulation

Start testing your system with a prebuilt vehicle model.

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3D Environment

Visualize vehicle behavior in a 3D game engine.

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Ride and Handling

Characterize vehicle ride and handling performance.

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Chassis Controls

Design and test chassis control systems.

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Automated Driving Testing

Test automated driving control features.

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Vehicle Dynamics Blockset requires: MATLAB, Simulink

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