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Set up system environment to access High Level Synthesis (HLS) software

Since R2022a



hdlsetuphlstoolpath('ToolName',TOOLNAME,'ToolPath',TOOLPATH,'SimulationToolPath',SIMULATIONTOOLPATH) adds a third-party HLS tool to your system path. It sets up the system environment variables for the synthesis tool. To configure one or more supported third-party HLS tools to use with HDL Coder™, use the hdlsetuphlstoolpath function. You cannot set up third-party HLS tools in Simulink® Online™.

Before opening the HDL Workflow Advisor, add the tool to your system path. If you already have the HDL Workflow Advisor open, see Add Synthesis Tool for Current HDL Workflow Advisor Session. HDL Workflow Advisor is not available in Simulink Online.


Set Up Cadence Stratus

The following command sets the synthesis tool path to point to an installed Cadence Stratus executable file. You must have already installed Cadence Stratus version 21.2 or above.

hdlsetuphlstoolpath('ToolName','Cadence Stratus','ToolPath','/usr/cadence/stratus/bin/',...
 'SimulationToolPath', '/usr/cadence/xcel/tools/bin');

Check Synthesis Tool Setup

To check your Cadence Stratus synthesis tool setup in MATLAB®, try launching the tool with the following command:


Input Arguments

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Synthesis tool name, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'Cadence Stratus'


Cadence Stratus is the only supported synthesis tool for SystemC.

Full path to the synthesis tool executable or batch file, specified as a character vector.

Example: '/usr/cadence/stratus/bin/'

Full path to the simulation tool executable, specified as a character vector.

Example: '/usr/cadence/xcelium/tools/bin'


For Cadence Stratus supported simulation tool is Xcelium™.


  • The hdlsetuphlstoolpath function changes the system path and system environment variables for only the current MATLAB session. To execute hdlsetuphlstoolpath programmatically when MATLAB starts, add hdlsetuphlstoolpath to your startup.m script.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a