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Model Configuration Parameters: Report

The Report category enables you to customize the code generation reports. The report contains information about the generated code such as:

  • Resource utilization estimates

  • Timing estimates

  • The impact of HDL Coder optimizations

  • Links tracing code to Simulink blocks

These configuration parameters appear in the Configuration Parameters > HDL Code Generation > Report category.

Generate traceability reportReport with hyperlinks to code to model and model to code.
Traceability styleDesignation of line-level or comment-based traceability.
Generate model Web viewWeb view to navigate between code and model.
Generate resource utilization reportGenerate HTML resource utilization report.
Generate optimization reportGenerate HTML optimization report.
Generate high-level timing critical path reportGenerate a report that shows estimated critical path in models.
Custom Timing Database DirectoryPath to load custom timing.

The Configuration Parameters dialog box also includes other code generation parameters: