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Model Configuration Parameters: Test Bench

The Test Bench category lets you set options that determine characteristics of generated test bench code.

These configuration parameters appear in the Configuration Parameters > HDL Code Generation > Test Bench category.

Test bench name postfixSpecify suffix appended to test bench name.
Force clockSpecify whether the test bench forces clock input signals.
Clock high time (ns)Specify the period, in nanoseconds, during which the test bench drives clock input signals high (1).
Clock low time (ns)Specify the period, in nanoseconds, during which the test bench drives clock input signals low (0).
Hold time (ns)Specify a hold time, in nanoseconds, for input signals and forced reset input signals.
Setup time (ns)Display setup time for data input signals.
Force clock enableSpecify whether the test bench forces clock enable input signals.
Clock enable delay (in clock cycles)Define elapsed time (in clock cycles) between deassertion of reset and assertion of clock enable.
Force resetSpecify whether the test bench forces reset input signals.
Reset length (in clock cycles)Define length of time (in clock cycles) during which reset is asserted.
Hold input data between samplesSpecify how long subrate signal values are held in valid state.
Initialize test bench inputsSpecify initial value driven on test bench inputs before data is asserted to DUT.
Multi-file test benchDivide generated test bench into helper functions, data, and HDL test bench code files.
Test bench data file name postfixSpecify suffix added to test bench data file name when generating multi-file test bench.
Test bench reference postfixSpecify character vector to be appended to names of reference signals generated in test bench code.
Use file I/O to read/write test bench dataCreate and use data files for reading and writing test bench input and output data.
Ignore output data checking (number of samples)Specify number of samples during which output data checking is suppressed.
Floating point tolerance check based onSpecify the floating-point tolerance check option.
Tolerance ValueEnter the tolerance value based on the floating-point tolerance check setting that you specify.
Simulation library pathSpecify the path to your compiled Altera® or Xilinx® simulation libraries.

The Configuration Parameters dialog box also includes other code generation parameters:

Generate Test Bench Button

The Generate Test Bench button initiates test bench generation for the system selected in the Generate HDL for menu on the parent HDL Code Generation pane. Make sure that the system selected is the DUT. Testbench generation is disabled if you select the entire model. See also makehdltb.