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HDL Coder Checks in Model Advisor / HDL Code Advisor Overview

The HDL Coder checks in the Model Advisor or the HDL Code Advisor verify and update your Simulink® model or subsystem for compatibility with HDL code generation. Running the checks produces a report that lists suboptimal conditions or settings, and then proposes better model configuration settings.

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The left pane displays folders that perform various checks:

  • Model configuration checks: Prepare your model for compatibility with HDL code generation. This folder contains checks that verify whether model parameters are HDL-compatible, whether your design contains algebraic loops, and so on.

  • Checks for ports and subsystems: Verify whether ports and subsystems in your model have settings that are compatible for HDL code generation. The checks include whether you have a valid top-level DUT Subsystem and whether you have specified an initial condition for Enabled Subsystem and Triggered Subsystem blocks.

  • Checks for blocks and block settings: Verify whether blocks in your model are supported for HDL code generation, and whether the supported blocks have HDL-compatible settings. The checks include whether source blocks in your model have a continuous sample time and whether Stateflow® Charts and MATLAB Function blocks have HDL-compatible settings, and so on.

  • Native Floating Point checks: Verify whether the block is compatible for HDL code generation in Native Floating Point mode. The checks include whether the blocks in your Simulink model are supported for HDL code generation with Native Floating Point, and whether the model uses single data types, and so on. Native floating-point support in HDL Coder™ generates target-independent HDL code from your single-precision floating-point model. For more information, see Generate Target-Independent HDL Code with Native Floating-Point.

  • industry-standard checks: Verify whether your Simulink model conforms to the industry-standard rules. Industry-standard rules recommend using certain HDL coding guidelines. When generating code, HDL Coder displays an HDL coding standard report that shows how well the generated code adheres to the industry-standard guidelines. For more information, see HDL Coding Standards.

To learn more about each individual check, right-click that check, and select What's This?.

See also HDL Code Advisor Checks.