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Update absolute poses of 2-D lidar scans

Since R2022b



updateScanPoses(scanMapObj,absPoses) updates the absolute poses of all lidar scans in the lidarscanmap object scanMapObj.


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Load a MAT file containing 2-D lidar scans into the workspace.

data = load("wareHouse.mat");
scans = data.wareHouseScans;

Create a lidarscanmap object.

scanMapObj = lidarscanmap;

Add the first 3 scans from the input data to the scanMapObj object by using the addScan function.

for currentID = 1:3

Update absolute poses of the scans.

absPoses = [1 0 0; 1 -2 -5; 1 3 -1];

Input Arguments

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2-D lidar scan map, specified as a lidarscanmap object.

Absolute poses of 2-D lidar scans in the map, specified as an M-by-3 matrix, where M is the number of scans in the lidarscanmap object. Each row of the matrix is of the form [x y Θ], where x and y define the position in meters, and Θ defines the orientation of the scan in radians.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b