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End-to-End Simulation

Waveform generation, signal recovery, and end-to-end satellite communications link modeling

You can use Satellite Communications Toolbox functions to demodulate and decode waveforms. These functions process received signals under an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel, assuming perfect synchronization and ideal RF conditions.

Examples featured in this section demonstrate how to model end-to-end communications link and analyze link performance. You can use these examples as a reference in verification, performance analysis, and RF front-end testing.


Satellite Waveform GeneratorCreate, impair, visualize, and export satellite communications waveforms (Since R2023b)


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ccsdsHPEWaveformGeneratorGenerate CCSDS optical HPE waveform (Since R2023b)
ccsdsTCConfigCCSDS TC configuration parameters (Since R2021a)
ccsdsTCWaveformGenerate CCSDS TC waveform (Since R2021a)
ccsdsTMWaveformGeneratorGenerate CCSDS TM waveform (Since R2021a)
dvbs2WaveformGeneratorGenerate DVB-S2 waveform (Since R2021a)
dvbs2xWaveformGeneratorGenerate DVB-S2X waveform (Since R2021a)
dvbrcs2WaveformGeneratorGenerate DVB-RCS2 waveform (Since R2021b)
ccsdsTCIdealReceiverIdeal receiver for CCSDS TC waveform (Since R2021a)
ccsdsTMFrameSynchronizerSynchronize CCSDS frames (Since R2024a)
dvbs2BitRecoverRecover bits for DVB-S2 PL frames (Since R2021a)
dvbs2xBitRecoverRecover bits for DVB-S2X PL frames (Since R2022b)
dvbsPLHeaderRecoverRecover physical layer information from DVB-S2 or DVB-S2X header (Since R2024a)
dvbrcs2RecoveryConfigReceiver configuration parameters for DVB-RCS2 (Since R2021b)
dvbrcs2BitRecoverRecover bits for DVB-RCS2 waveform (Since R2021b)
gnssBitSynchronizeBit synchronizer for GNSS receivers (Since R2022b)
gnssSignalAcquirerAcquire GNSS signals (Since R2023a)
gnssSignalTrackerTrack phase, frequency, and delay offsets in GNSS signal (Since R2023b)
comm.EVMMeasure error vector magnitude (EVM) of received signal
comm.ErrorRateCompute bit or symbol error rate of input data