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Simscape™ 求解器通过查找所有系统变量的初始值来满足所有模型方程,以此计算模型仿真的初始条件。您可以通过指定模块变量的优先级和目标初始值来影响初始条件计算。还可以从保存的工作点初始化整个模型的变量。初始化模块变量后,在对模型进行仿真前,您可以打开变量查看器来查看已满足的变量目标有哪些。



simscape.op.createCreate operating point by extracting data from model or from logged simulation data
simscape.op.OperatingPointOperating point object containing hierarchical target data for variable initialization
simscape.op.TargetVariable initialization target object
setAdd or update element of operating point
getAccess element of operating point data tree
relativePathGet path to node associated with block or subsystem
hasPathDetermine whether operating point data contains element at specified path
removeRemove element from operating point
moveMove element from one path to another
mergeCreate operating point by merging data from two operating points
hasPrivateDataDetermine whether operating point data contains private data elements
removePrivateDataRemove private data elements from operating point