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使用 String 库中的模块来管理字符串信号。


ASCII to StringUint8 vector signal to string signal
Compose StringCompose output string signal based on specified format and input signals
Scan String扫描输入字符串并转换为指定格式的信号
String Compare比较两个输入字符串
String Concatenate串联各个输入字符串以形成一个输出字符串。
String Constant输出指定的字符串
String ContainsDetermine if string contains, starts with, or ends with pattern (自 R2020a 起)
String CountCount occurrences of pattern in string (自 R2020a 起)
String FindReturn index of first occurrence of pattern string
String LengthOutput number of characters in input string
String to ASCIIConvert string signal to uint8 vector
String to Double将字符串信号转换为双精度信号。
String to EnumInput string signal to enumerated signal
String to Single将字符串信号转换为单个信号
SubstringExtract substring from input string signal
To String将输入信号转换为字符串信号