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Two- and three-dimensional plots, data exploration, and visualization techniques

MATLAB® provides many techniques for plotting numerical data. Symbolic Math Toolbox™ expands these graphical capabilities by providing plotting functions for symbolic expressions, equations, and functions. These plots can be in 2-D or 3-D as lines, contours, surfaces, or meshes. You can create plots in Cartesian or polar coordinates. You also can create animated plots.

Surface plot of a symbolic expression that is a function of x and y in Cartesian coordinates


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fanimatorCreate stop-motion animation object
playAnimationPlay animation objects in a MATLAB figure window
rewindAnimationRewind previously played animation objects
writeAnimationSave animation as video file
animationToFrameReturn structure of frames from animation objects
fcontourPlot contours
fimplicitPlot implicit symbolic equation or function
fimplicit3Plot 3-D implicit equation or function
fmeshPlot 3-D mesh
fplotPlot symbolic expression or function
fplot3Plot 3-D parametric curve
fsurfPlot 3-D surface
ezpolarPolar coordinate plotter


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Animator PropertiesAnimator appearance and behavior