How does matlab add transparent fonts to pictures?

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cui 2021-9-13
回答: cui ,2021-9-13
As far as I know, only "text", "insertText" function can add text to the picture, I prefer to use "insertText" to add font to the existing picture, but I want the font to be semi-transparent, the function lacks " transparent" property specified, where "BoxOpacity" is not the property I want, how do I do it?


cui 2021-9-13
After trying to figure it out, I gave the answer , for example:
% your params
img = imread('printedtext.png');
Transparency = 0.6;
fontColor = [1,1,1]; % RGB,range [0,1]
position = [700,200];
%% add watermark
mask = zeros(size(img),'like',img);
outimg = insertText(mask,position,'china', ...
'TextColor', 'white');
bwMask = imbinarize(rgb2gray(outimg));
finalImg = labeloverlay(img,bwMask,...

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