Euclidean distance of two vectors

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bala k
bala k 2011-3-9
评论: Rik ,2023-9-22
Euclidean distance of two vector. I have the two image values G=[1x72] and G1 = [1x72]. I need to calculate the two image distance value.
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juit 2016-12-23
i have three points a(x1,y1) b(x2,y2) c(x3,y3) i have calculated euclidean distance d1 between a and b and euclidean distance d2 between b and c. if now i just want to travel through a path like from a to b and then b to c. can i add d1 and d2 to calculate total distance traveled by me???



Jan 2011-3-9
编辑:Jan 2019-7-15
Do you know the definition of the Euclidean distance?
G = rand(1, 72);
G2 = rand(1, 72);
D = sqrt(sum((G - G2) .^ 2));
A more efficient method, but this matters only for much larger vectors:
V = G - G2;
D = sqrt(V * V');
Or a Matlab command:
D = norm(G - G2);
D = DNorm2(G - G2);
Searching in the documentation is faster than waiting for an answer in the forum. Therefore it is recommended to let Matlab search for the wanted keyword at first:
docsearch euclidean
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Rik 2023-9-22
@Dalia it inherits the unit of the inputs. If those inputs are not the same units, you will have to fix that first.


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Arash Azkia
Arash Azkia 2021-6-20
x = rand(n,1);
y = rand(n,1);
Distance = zeros(length(x) , length(y));
for i = 1:length(x)
for j = 1:length(y)
if i ~= j
Distance(i,j) = sqrt((x(i)-x(j))^2 + (y(i)-y(j))^2);

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