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Setup for Tuning MATLAB Models

Model control systems in MATLAB® for command-line tuning

You can tune a control system that is represented in MATLAB by a generalized state-space (genss) model. Create such a model by interconnecting elements that represent the fixed and tunable components of your control system. See Building Tunable Models.


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tfTransfer function model
zpkZero-pole-gain model
ssState-space model
tunableGainTunable static gain block
tunableTFTunable transfer function with fixed number of poles and zeros
tunablePIDTunable PID controller
tunablePID2Tunable two-degree-of-freedom PID controller
tunableSSTunable fixed-order state-space model
realpReal tunable parameter
AnalysisPointPoints of interest for linear analysis
connectBlock diagram interconnections of dynamic systems
feedbackFeedback connection of multiple models


Building Tunable Models

Build a control-system model for tuning with systune or looptune using numeric LTI models for fixed elements and control design blocks for the tunable elements.

Generalized Models

Generalized models represent systems having a mixture of fixed coefficients and tunable or uncertain coefficients.

Models with Tunable Coefficients

Use tunable models to model tunable components of control systems for parameter sampling or control system tuning.

Mark Signals of Interest for Control System Analysis and Design

Analysis points allow you to access to internal signals, perform open-loop analysis, or specify requirements for controller tuning in systems modeled in either MATLAB or Simulink®.

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