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在过程控制、远程操作、人机界面和系统网络等应用中,无源控制通常是安全需求的一部分。无源性是更一般的扇形边界概念的特例,其应用包括具有静态非线性的反馈系统的绝对稳定性。Control System Toolbox™ 包括分析无源性和任意扇形边界的动态系统的工具。


isPassiveCheck passivity of linear systems
getPassiveIndexCompute passivity index of linear system
passiveplotCompute or plot passivity index as function of frequency
getSectorIndexCompute conic-sector index of linear system
getSectorCrossoverCrossover frequencies for sector bound
sectorplotCompute or plot sector index as function of frequency
sectorplotoptionsCreate list of relative index plot options




  • About Sector Bounds and Sector Indices
    Sector bounds are constraints on the I/O trajectories of a system. Sector indices provide measures of how well a system’s trajectories fit into a particular sector.
  • Absolute Stability for Quantized System
    This example shows how to enforce absolute stability when a linear time-invariant system is in feedback interconnection with a static nonlinearity that belongs to a conic sector.