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使用交互式图像显示和探查工具,在图窗窗口中显示图像,并基于模块化构建块创建自定义图像处理 App

您可以单独或组合使用模块化交互式工具来创建自定义图像处理 App。例如,您可以创建显示像素和图像信息的 App,启用放大和导航辅助功能,以及通过裁剪或调整图像对比度来修改图像。




imageinfoImage Information tool
imcolormaptoolChoose Colormap tool
imcontrastAdjust Contrast tool
imcrop3Crop 3-D image
imdisplayrangeDisplay Range tool
imdistlineDistance tool
impixelinfoPixel Information tool
impixelinfovalPixel Information tool without text label
impixelregionPixel Region tool
impixelregionpanelPixel Region tool panel
immagboxMagnification box for image displayed in scroll panel
imoverviewOverview tool for image displayed in scroll panel
imoverviewpanelOverview tool panel for image displayed in scroll panel
imscrollpanelScroll panel for interactive image navigation
getimageImage data from axes
imagemodelImage model object
getimagemodelImage model object from image object
imattributesInformation about image attributes
imhandlesGet all image objects
axes2pixConvert axes coordinates to pixel coordinates
imgcaGet current axes containing image
imgcfGet current figure containing image
imgetfileDisplay Open Image dialog box
imputfileDisplay Save Image dialog box
iptaddcallbackAdd function handle to callback list
iptcheckmapCheck validity of colormap
iptcheckhandleCheck validity of handle
iptgetapiGet Application Programmer Interface (API) for handle
iptGetPointerBehaviorRetrieve pointer behavior from graphics object
ipticondirDirectories containing Image Processing Toolbox and MATLAB icons
iptPointerManagerCreate pointer manager in figure
iptremovecallbackDelete function handle from callback list
iptSetPointerBehaviorStore pointer behavior structure in graphics object
iptwindowalignAlign figure windows
makeConstrainToRectFcnCreate rectangularly bounded drag constraint function
truesizeAdjust display size of image


Interactive Tool Workflow

Learn how to create an interactive tool and how to associate it with a target image.

Interactive Image Viewing and Processing Tools

Interactive tools enable you to get information about image data and perform operations such as contrast adjustment and cropping.

Add Scroll Panel to Figure

When you put an image in a scrollable window, the object hierarchy of the displayed image changes.