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使用这些函数可执行常见的几何变换。例如,使用 imresize 调整图像大小。


imcropCrop image
imcrop3Crop 3-D image
imresizeResize image
imresize3Resize 3-D volumetric intensity image
imrotateRotate image
imrotate3Rotate 3-D volumetric grayscale image
imtranslateTranslate image
impyramidImage pyramid reduction and expansion


Resize an Image with imresize Function

This example shows how to magnify and shrink an image. You can specify an interpolation method and prevent aliasing.

Rotate an Image

This example shows how to rotate an image. You can crop the rotated image to be the same size as the original image.

Crop an Image

To crop a rectangular portion of an image, specify the size and position of the crop region, or draw over the image in a figure window using an interactive tool.

Translate an Image using imtranslate Function

This example shows how to shift an image vertically or horizontally by a given number of pixels.