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在 Simulink® 模型组件之间建立基于消息的通信

消息用于对 Simulink 组件之间的通信建模,以实现系统集成。您可以使用消息在组合模型中建立通信,该模型的组件执行一组已定义的具有 I/O 边界的功能。


要了解有关 Simulink 消息的更多信息,请参阅Simulink Messages Overview



SendCreate and send message
ReceiveReceive messages
Hit Crossing Probe检测穿越点
Queue, Entity QueueEnqueue messages and entities
Message MergeCombine message paths
Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation



序列查看器Visualize messages, events, states, transitions, and functions


了解 Simulink 消息

Simulink Messages Overview

Overview of the message-based communication for distributed architectures, code generation, and middleware modeling.


Animate and Understand Sending and Receiving Messages

Send, receive, visualize, and animate messages and display message data.

Establish Message Send and Receive Interfaces Between Software Components

Create message send and receive interfaces, and prepare components for C++ code generation.

Merge Message Lines Using a Message Merge Block

Route messages using a Message Merge block.

Use Virtual Buses with Message Elements for Component Communication

Send and receive virtual buses with message elements carrying nonvirtual bus as data.

Send and Receive Messages Carrying Bus Data

Send and receive messages with nonvirtual bus data.

Model a Message Receive Interface that Runs on Message Availability

This example shows how to synchronize execution with data availability in message-based systems.


Temperature Control System Communicating with Messages

Distributed control of room temperatures by processing messages from room thermostats and communicating control commands using messages to different receivers.

Process Message Payload Using MATLAB System Block

This example shows how to send, receive, and process messages using the MATLAB System block.


Use a Queue Block to Manage Messages

Use FIFO queue, LIFO queue, and priority queue to sort and store messages and define queue policies.

Modeling Message Communication Patterns with SimEvents

Merge, broadcast, distribute, multicast, and delay messages using SimEvents®.