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Simulation and Prediction

Simulate or predict response of identified models; import identified models in Simulink® using model simulation blocks

You can simulate the response of an identified model to given inputs in the System Identification app and using sim. You can predict the model response a certain time horizon into the future using past measurements of inputs and outputs. Use predict to predict model response over the time span of the measured data, and use forecast to predict the response over a future time span when no measured data is available. You can also import identified models to Simulink, and simulate model response using model simulation blocks.


simSimulate response of identified model
simOptionsOption set for sim
simsdSimulate linear models with uncertainty using Monte Carlo method
simsdOptionsOption set for simsd
predictPredict identified model K-step-ahead output
predictOptionsOption set for predict
forecastForecast identified model output
forecastOptionsOption set for forecast
idinputGenerate input signals to support system identification


Iddata SourceImport time-domain data stored in iddata object in MATLAB workspace
Iddata SinkExport simulation data as iddata object to MATLAB workspace
IdmodelSimulate identified linear model in Simulink software
Nonlinear ARX ModelSimulate nonlinear ARX model in Simulink software
Hammerstein-Wiener ModelSimulate Hammerstein-Wiener model in Simulink software
Nonlinear Grey-Box ModelSimulate nonlinear grey-box model in Simulink software


Simulation and Prediction