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Results Interpretation and Use

Log and review analysis results, generate report, create test harness model

You use Simulink® Design Verifier™ to log and review analysis results and generate analysis reports. You can generate test inputs and export them to new test cases in Simulink Test™.


sldvloadresultsLoad Simulink Design Verifier analysis results for model
sldvhighlightHighlight model using data from Simulink Design Verifier analysis
sldvreportGenerate Simulink Design Verifier report
sldvsimdataGet simulation data in Dataset format
sldvruntestoptsGenerate simulation or execution options for sldvruntest or sldvruncgvtest
sldvruntestSimulate model by using input data
sldvharnessoptsDefault options for sldvmakeharness
sldvmakeharnessGenerate harness model
sldvmergeharnessMerge test cases and initializations into one harness model
sldvruncgvtestInvoke Code Generation Verification (CGV) API and execute model


Highlighted Results on the Model

Describes highlighting of analysis results on the model.

Simulink Design Verifier Reports

Describes the different parts of a Simulink Design Verifier report.

Simulink Design Verifier Harness Models

Describes a basic harness model.

Simulink Design Verifier Data Files

Describes the contents of a Simulink Design Verifier data file.

Simulink Design Verifier Log Files

Describes the analysis log files.

Design Verifier Pane: Results

Specify options that control how Simulink Design Verifier handles the results that it generates.

Design Verifier Pane: Report

Specify options that control how Simulink Design Verifier reports its results.

Review Analysis Results

Review analysis results in the Simulink Design Verifier  Results Summary window.

Export Test Cases to Simulink Test

Describes how to generate test cases in Simulink Test using Simulink Design Verifier analysis results, which can be generated by property proving, design error detection, and test case generation.

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