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Link and Manage Requirements

Associate architecture model elements with functional and non-functional requirements

Author, analyze, and manage requirements within System Composer™ using Simulink® Requirements™. Create rich text requirements or import them from external sources. View the requirements and design together, establish links for allocated or derived requirements, annotate diagrams with requirements content, analyze the traceability of requirements, and navigate between requirements and designs.

Link requirements to components and ports in a System Composer architecture diagram. Interactively link requirements using the diagram, link from an external document selection, and update reference requirement links to make them locally available in the model.

A Simulink Requirements license is required to activate these features.

Use Simulink Test™ to perform requirement-based testing workflows that include inputs, expected outputs, and acceptance criteria. You can create a test harness for a System Composer component to validate simulation results and verify design in the Test Manager. A Simulink Test license is required to use the Test Manager.


systemcomposer.updateLinksToReferenceRequirementsUpdate requirement links to model reference requirements


Link and Trace Requirements

This example shows how to work with requirements in an architecture model.

Manage Requirements

Manage, trace, and verify requirements using the Requirements perspective and the Test Manager.

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