MATLAB and Simulink for Motor Drives and Traction Motors

Develop algorithms and embedded software for motor-inverter control systems

Motor and Power Control

Simulate Motor Control Algorithms

Use MATLAB® and Simulink® to build motor models from libraries of motors, inverters, sources, and loads. Choose the level of fidelity in motor and inverter modeling based on your requirements and simulate motor control algorithms.

  • Implement linear lumped-parameter motor models and use average value inverters with Motor Control Blockset™ for fast simulations
  • Model and simulate nonlinear motor dynamics and ideal or detailed switching in the inverter using Power Systems Simulation Onramp
  • Parametrize motor models to capture motor dynamics with the help of instrumented tests or import parameters from a database or finite element analysis
  • Perform closed-loop simulations and automatically tune control algorithms using Field Oriented Control (FOC) Autotuner to meet speed and torque response requirements
  • Design fault detection and protection logic to ensure safe operation

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Production Code Generation and Deployment 

Generate production-ready C and HDL code from Simulink for motor control algorithms to directly target embedded microcontrollers, FPGAs, and SOCs.

  • Perform software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulations to verify generated code
  • Analyze, optimize, and implement fixed- and floating-point algorithms with Fixed-Point Designer™
  • Automate integration, execution, and verification of generated code for processors such as ARM® Cortex®-A/M/R, C2000, STM32, Infineon® AURIX™, Xilinx® Zynq®, and Intel® SOC using Embedded Coder® and hardware support packages
  • Use HDL Coder® and hardware support packages for code generation and deployment on Intel, Xilinx, and Microchip devices
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards, such as MISRA-C™ and ISO 26262