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Deploy SimBiology models for standalone applications

Create standalone applications to simulate SimBiology® models on target computers that do not have MATLAB® and SimBiology installed. Create standalone apps by using or the Application Compiler app. Standalone applications run on Windows®, Linux®, and macOS. You can also design interactive web apps using the App Designer, package them using MATLAB Compiler™, and host them on MATLAB Web App Server™.


Using a SimFunction object for deployment is recommended for most use cases. However, if you need the flexibility to be able to change the simulation settings in the deployed app, use SimBiology.export.Model.


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createSimFunction (model)Create SimFunction object
exportExport SimBiology models for deployment and standalone applications
simulateSimulate exported SimBiology model
acceleratePrepare exported SimBiology model for acceleration
getdoseReturn exported SimBiology model dose object
getIndexGet indices into ValueInfo and InitialValues properties
isAcceleratedDetermine whether an exported SimBiology model is accelerated
applicationCompilerBuild and package functions into standalone applications standalone application for deployment outside MATLAB (Since R2020b) an archive for deployment to MATLAB Web App Server (Since R2020b)
compiler.package.installerCreate an installer for files generated by MATLAB Compiler (Since R2020a)
webAppCompilerPackage App Designer apps for web deployment
webapps-setupSet up MATLAB Web App Server from command line on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems (Since R2020a)


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SimFunction objectFunction-like interface to execute SimBiology models
SimFunctionSensitivity objectSimFunctionSensitivity object, subclass of SimFunction object
ScheduleDose objectDefine drug dosing protocol
RepeatDose objectDefine drug dosing protocol
Variant objectStore alternate component values
ConfigsetSolver settings information for model simulation
SolverOptionsSimBiology model solver options
RuntimeOptionsOptions for logged SimBiology quantity components
CompileOptionsCompile options for SimBiology models
SimBiology.export.ModelExported SimBiology model object
SimBiology.export.SimulationOptionsSimulation settings for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.RepeatDoseRepeated doses for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ScheduleDoseSchedule dose for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ExplicitTauSimulationOptionsSettings for explicit tau-leaping solver of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ImplicitTauSimulationOptionsSettings for implicit tau-leaping stochastic simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ODESimulationOptionsSettings for deterministic, ordinary differential equation simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.DoseExported SimBiology model dose object
SimBiology.export.StochasticSimulationOptionsSettings for stochastic simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ValueInfoModifiable species, compartments, or parameters in exported SimBiology model


Application CompilerPackage MATLAB programs for deployment as standalone applications
SimBiology Model BuilderBuild QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models interactively (Since R2020b)
SimBiology Model AnalyzerAnalyze QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models (Since R2019b)