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Visualization and Analytics

Multi-object theater plots, detection and object tracks, and track metrics

Use theaterPlot to plot ground truth, coverages, detections, and tracks. Get error metrics for tracks using trackErrorMetrics. Analyze and compare performance of multi-object tracking systems using trackAssignmentMetrics, trackOSPAMetric, and trackGOSPAMetric.


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theaterPlotPlot objects, detections, and tracks in Scenario
trackingGlobeViewerVirtual globe for tracking scenario visualization
addCustomTerrainAdd custom terrain data
removeCustomTerrainRemove custom terrain data
poseplot3-D pose plot
PosePatch PropertiesPose plot appearance and behavior
timescopeDisplay time-domain signals
trackAssignmentMetricsTrack establishment, maintenance, and deletion metrics
trackErrorMetricsTrack error and NEES
trackOSPAMetricOptimal subpattern assignment (OSPA) metric
trackGOSPAMetricGeneralized optimal subpattern assignment (GOSPA) metric
trackCLEARMetricsCLEAR multi-object tracking metrics
allanvarAllan variance
magcalMagnetometer calibration coefficients


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Generalized Optimal Subpattern Assignment MetricCalculate Generalized Optimal Subpattern Assignment Metric
Optimal Subpattern Assignment MetricCalculate Optimal Subpattern Assignment Metric