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使用 Simulink® 和其他 MathWorks® 产品对汽车系统进行建模和仿真

Simulink 可让您对各种汽车系统进行建模和仿真。您可以对车辆和环境进行建模和仿真,并为汽车应用开发控制算法。下列示例模型说明汽车应用。

此外,以下产品扩展了 Simulink 环境在汽车领域的应用:


Getting Started with Powertrain Blockset (Powertrain Blockset)

Run the conventional vehicle reference application and examine the final drive gear ratio impact on fuel economy and tailpipe emissions.

Yaw Stability on Varying Road Surfaces (Vehicle Dynamics Blockset)

To study yaw stability on different road surfaces, use the vehicle dynamics double-lane change reference application.

Simulate Simple Driving Scenario and Sensor in Unreal Engine Environment (Automated Driving Toolbox)

Learn the basics of configuring and simulating scenes, vehicles, and sensors in a virtual environment rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®.

Use a Two-Stage Model To Predict Engine Torque (Model-Based Calibration Toolbox)

Create a statistical engine model that predicts engine brake torque as a function of spark angle.