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使用 Simulink® Control Design™ 软件对模型和设计控制系统进行线性化

要设计和分析在 Simulink 环境中建模的控制系统,请考虑使用 Simulink Control Design 软件。

Simulink Control Design 对 Simulink 进行了扩展,您可以用它来找到各个工况点,计算 Simulink 模型在不同工况下的精确线性化。借助 Simulink Control Design 提供的工具,您无需修改模型即可计算基于仿真的频率响应。

Simulink Control Design 提供了几种调节 Simulink 模块(例如 Transfer function 和 PID Controller 模块)的方法。您可以使用这些方法和工具来:

  • 自动调节包含 PID Controller 或 PID Controller (2DOF) 模块的反馈回路。

  • 以图形方式或以自动方式调节包含任何可调 Simulink 模块的 SISO 反馈回路。

  • 调节具有任何结构的控制系统的 Simulink 模型,以满足高级设计目标,如参考跟踪、扰动抑制和稳定裕度。



  • Compute Steady-State Operating Points (Simulink Control Design)
    To obtain a steady-state operating point, you can trim your model using numerical optimization techniques or simulate your model until it reaches a steady-state condition.
  • Linearize Nonlinear Models (Simulink Control Design)
    Obtain a linear approximation of a nonlinear system that is valid in a small region around an operating point.
  • Choose Linearization Tools (Simulink Control Design)
    Simulink Control Design software lets you perform linear analysis of nonlinear models using a user interface, functions, or blocks.
  • Linearize Simulink Model at Model Operating Point (Simulink Control Design)
    Linearize a model at its operating point consisting of initial state values and input signals.
  • Linearize at Trimmed Operating Point (Simulink Control Design)
    You can linearize a Simulink model at an operating point that meets specified input, output, or state constraints.


  • Frequency Response Estimation Basics (Simulink Control Design)
    A frequency response describes the steady-state response of a system to sinusoidal inputs. Simulink Control Design lets you estimate the frequency response of a model or perform online estimation of a physical plant.
  • Estimate Frequency Response Using Model Linearizer (Simulink Control Design)
    Estimate the frequency response of a Simulink model using a manually constructed sinestream input signal.

PID 控制设计


  • Tune Control Systems in Simulink (Simulink Control Design)
    At the command line, use systune or looptune to automatically tune control systems modeled in Simulink.


  • Extremum Seeking Control (Simulink Control Design)
    Update controller parameters to maximize an objective function in the presence of unknown system dynamics.
  • Model Reference Adaptive Control (Simulink Control Design)
    Compute control actions to make an uncertain controlled system track the behavior of a given reference plant model.