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Map Customization

Set the outer limits of the map, display meridians and parallels, add annotations, use basemaps


framemControl frame of axesm-based map
gridmControl graticule lines on axesm-based map
tightmapRemove white space around axesm-based map
axesscaleResize axes for equivalent scale
mlabelControl meridian labels on axesm-based map
mlabelzero22piDisplay meridian labels on axesm-based map using range of 0 to 360 degrees
northarrowAdd north arrow to axesm-based map
plabelControl parallel labels on axesm-based map
rotatetextRotate text to projected graticule on axesm-based map
scalerulerAdd or modify graphic scale on axesm-based map
textmProject text onto axesm-based map
geobasemapSet or query basemap
readBasemapImageRead image from geographic basemap
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap
addToolbarMapButtonAdd map button to toolbar
removeToolbarMapButtonRemove map button from toolbar


Map Display

  • The Map Frame
    A map frame is the outline of the limits of a map. The shape of the frame is characteristic of the projection.
  • Map and Frame Limits
    The map latitude and longitude limits define the extents of geodata to be displayed. The frame limits control how the frame fits around the displayed data.
  • Map Limit Properties
    Map limits have properties that provide a convenient and intuitive way to specify your map projection origin and frame limits. Learn how to set these properties, and when you should avoid the properties.
  • The Map Grid
    The map grid is the display of meridians and parallels. The spacing and curvature of the grid lines are characteristic of the projection.
  • Set Background Colors for Map Displays
    You can set the background of maps to white, or to a custom color by specifying a color triplet. You can change the default map background color.
  • Scale Maps for Printing
    To ensure your map can be printed correctly, you can specify the ratio between distances on a map and length on a sheet of paper.

Map Annotations