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使用 Signal Analyzer 来可视化、预处理和探查信号

Signal Analyzer App 是一款交互式工具,用于在时域、频域和时频域中可视化、测量、分析和比较信号。通过该 App 可同时和在同一视图中处理不同持续时间的许多信号。

从 MATLAB® 工具条上的 Apps 选项卡中选择该 App 将其启动。您也可以通过在 MATLAB 命令提示符下键入 signalAnalyzer 来启动该 App。


Signal AnalyzerVisualize and compare multiple signals and spectra


stripsStrip plot


App 工作流

使用 Signal Analyzer App



Spectrum Computation in Signal Analyzer

To compute signal spectra, Signal Analyzer finds a compromise between the best theoretical spectral resolution and the best resolution allowed by performance constraints.

Persistence Spectrum in Signal Analyzer

The persistence spectrum contains time-dependent probabilities of occurrence of signals at given frequency locations and power levels.

Signal Analyzer 中的频谱图计算

为了显示非平稳信号的时间相关频谱,Signal Analyzer 将信号分成若干重叠的 Kaiser 窗段,并计算其短时傅里叶变换。

Scalogram Computation in Signal Analyzer

The scalogram is useful for identifying signals with low-frequency components and for analyzing signals whose frequency content changes rapidly with time.


Data Types Supported by Signal Analyzer

Signal Analyzer accepts real vectors and matrices with finite elements, timeseries objects, and MATLAB timetables.

Edit Sample Rate and Other Time Information

You can add and edit the time information in the Signal Analyzer app for any signal that is not a MATLAB timetable or a timeseries object.

Signal Analyzer Tips and Limitations

Prepare data to circumvent current limitations of Signal Analyzer.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Signal Analyzer

Use the keyboard to control the Signal Analyzer app.

Customize Signal Analyzer

Specify line color and style, add or remove columns in the Signal table, and modify Signal Analyzer displays.